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Victor Helo,D.C.

  • Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)
  • Golf Injuries Doctor
  • Industrial Disability Evaluator

Dr. Helo is long acclaimed for his unique GENTLE manipulation technique in concert with any exclusive State of the Art therapeutic applications. He would like to invite you to experience these revolutionary procedures with:

  • Rapid Release Therapy is focused on relief of soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Soft tissue disorders are usually a result of overuse, injury or surgery.
  • Intersegmental Flexion Distraction Technique: This is a non SURGICAL technique which targets lower back and inflamed discs. You should explore your options prior to back surgery
  • Surface EMG tells us how your brain is communicating with your muscles
  • Thermoscan: This device shows us how your brain is communicating with your organs.
  • Sacral-Occipital Technique "SOT": This non force / non SURGICAL technique uses your body weight with gravity to align your back. SOT is widely used to treat pelvic and low back pain.
  • Activator Technique and Arthrostem:If you are concerned about cervical manipulation then this technique is the perfect choice. In this technique a device is used to deliver the adjustment.
  • Intervertebral Traction Table: This device is used for disc rehabilitation.
  • Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation (N.D.R.) that is compatible with conventional medicine and other respected alternative therapies. The Vivatek address the bio-mechanical lesion of the disc.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound is fantastic for reaching a very specific region of the body. However, there are times when a medical professional is going to need to reach a larger area of the body. Among other benefits, shortwave diathermy machines can be used to apply heat to a much larger area of the body. This is especially helpful for treating back muscle problems.
  • DynaWave is specifically a twin-Peaked unidirectional, short duration (microseconds), volt-amplitude controlled pulse. These twin-peaked pulses are adjustable from a slow intermittent rate (for local edema reduction) to a more rapid tetany range (effective in relieving muscle spasm). DynaWave has the unique ability to increase or decrease the microseconds between the peaks. This spreading or bunching offers lesser or greater excitation depending upon the particular clinical objective
  • The Percussor allows us to work with the fascia of the body, freeing the fixations. The smooth force of the Percussor allows the freeing of both the connective tissue and the deep fascia.
  • Posture Pump: This device is used to restore the cervical spine and lumbar spine curves.

These are a few of the treatments at Dr. Helo's wellness center in addition to many other services in sports injuries. At Dr. Helo's Wellness Center you will receive individual treatment that will be targeted to your condition. Dr. Helo's patients report lasting-safe-effective relief from back pain, sciatic pain, headaches, knee, shoulder, elbow and sport injuries.


  • Southern California Alternate Delegate of American Chiropractic Association


  • Chief Financial Officer of California Chiropractic Association


  • Secretary of Mid Valley Community Police Council


  • Southern California Alternate Delegate of American Chiropractic Association


  • President of Studio City/Sherman Oaks Rotary International Club


  • Elected Board Member of Studio City Neighborhood Council
  • Serving on Studio City Land Use Committee, Environment and Cultural Committee and Crime and Safety Committee


  • Secretary of California Chiropractic Association


  • President of the California Chiropractic Association San Fernando Valley District


  • California Chiropractic Association Governmental Affairs Department, Key Doctor Program Committee Southern California Deputy Chair


  • VP Membership of the California Chiropractic Association San Fernando Valley District


  • American Chiropractic Association Student liaison of Cleveland Chiropractic College-Los Angeles


  • Graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College at Los Angeles in 2000
  • Completed Chiropractic Neurology Diplomate program at Cleveland Chiropractic College – Los Angeles
  • California State University of Northridge for Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry
  • Additional degree: Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Anatomy
  • Certified Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA ), Industrial Disability Evaluator